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Favicons for web sites

image of one on a site

Favicons are the images that appear next to the url in the browser. They also appear next to a bookmark of your site in the favorites bar. Below are some favicons to use on your web site created from photographs, scans and 3D renders. Click on an image below to download the .zip file, unzip, rename the file to "favicon.ico" then upload to the root directory on your server. The root directory is the same folder as the index.html.

Free for non-commercial and commercial use but not for redistribution in any form.

The following code should be added to the <head> part of your html page:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/">
<link rel="icon" href="" type="image/">


Flowers, plants and leaves

green leaf   heuchera   horse   autumn maple leaf download   autumn oak leaf   download gerber daisy   sunflower   daisy   gerber daisy 2   green bean leaves


Butterfly and moth favicons

butterfly 1   butterfly 2   butterfly 3 favicon   butterfly 5   butterfly .ico   orange butterfly 9   download butterfly 7   butterfly 8 favicon  blue butterfly 10  butterfly 11  blue butterfly 12  butterfly 14  butterfly 14 for download  butterfly 16  yellow and black butterfly 17 favicon   red butterfly 18  yellow butterfly 19


Animated Favicons

Animated favicons only work in Firefox. No favicon will show in Internet Explorer.

animated butterfly  animated blue butterfly  animation favicon  orange animated  yellow animation  animation  animation  animation   animation  animation favicon  animated ico  butterfly animated favicon  favicon animation  butterfly ico  animated .ico  animated butterfly ico file


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