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This tutorial shows how to do a volumetric spotlight with a bit of a twist. This was done in Poser 6, but should work ok in Poser 5 or Poser 7 as well.

1. Set up your volumetric light. Go to the Materials Room and go to "Atmosphere". Check the box next to "Volume On". Make sure you make your settings under Volume Density, StepSize, and Noise the same as those in the image below. You can also add different things to the Volume Color for different effects. For this image, I used a ColorRamp with shades of blue.


2. Next set up your light. You'll only have one light for this effect. Make it a spotlight and set the Atmosphere at 1.02.

light settings

3. Atmospheric lights work better with a narrow angle. This one is set to 25.25 and 36.5.

light settings 2

4. Next set up your light materials in the Materials Room. Add an Edge Blend to the Diffuse bit and set the specular to a midtone blue. What will give the glow around the figure is setting the "Attenuation" in the edge blend to a negative number. Here it's set to -0.5. A lower number will give it more glow around the figure - that is it will take up more area on the figure.

light materials

5. A volumetric spot light needs a background to show. So I added the Daz Cycloplane. You can see the spotlight shining down on the figure and on to the plane beneath from the Aux camera. You can also see where the main camera is in front of the figure in the image below.

alternate camera

The main camera view should look something like the picture below unrendered. Pull the camera and your figure around until you get something that you like. If you move your camera close, you can make the light take up the whole rendering area which will give an underwater effect.

main camera view

Try playing with the Atmosphere materials for different effects. Try adding an image or something else to the Volume Noise.



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